Custom Equipment Design Projects

Buhler Group, through Aeroglide, asked Ken to design a 120′ belt dryer for a wood pelletizing plant.  With no research funding or additional engineering support, a short schedule and minimal budget, Ken and a drafter completed the design and procurement on schedule and on budget.

The domestically supplied dryer components had to be modularized enough to fit in shipping containers for transport to France.  Domestic fabricators were found and resourced by Ken since Aeroglide procurement was unable to support this short scheduled project.  To save on shipping charges, he researched and procured the major components including the heat exchangers in Europe.

The dryer was erected in France within the scheduled amount of time by fewer craft than was budgeted.

Ronning Engineering regularly contracts with erex to help with projects where equipment and systems designs are needed.  Designs have included thermal oxidizers, dryer drives, conveyors, ductwork, blending chambers, combustion chambers and all manner of equipment related to the Ronning rotary dryers.

“I have used Ken of erex engineering for many years in roles including process engineer, field service engineer, start up specialist, trouble shooter, and technical adviser.

Our processing systems require an experienced and well-rounded representative and Ken fills that role better than any of our clients expected. Through his education and extensive experience, he is able to interact well with client managers and operators alike.

Ken is a driven engineer who exhibits integrity, reliability, creativity and commitment on every job.

Richard Ronning, Principal – Ronning Engineering Co., inc.

Ken Shannon, PE

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