System Audit & Enhancement Work

WholeVine Products utilized our expertise for their annual check-up and alignment tune-up of their rotary dryer.

While on-site, the system design was assessed and recommendations made to achieve greater dryer production.

“Ken was the only non WholeVine engineer we worked with that actually understood our system and helped us achieve better efficiencies.”

Bill Wilson, Production Manager – SonomaCeuticals / WholeVine Products

AB Mauri contacted our team to improve their production of Calcium Propionate, a food preservative.

Inspection revealed that excessive air in-leakage through their dryer system was reducing production and the exhaust air filtration device was inhibiting airflow through the dryer.  The in-leakage was addressed and an alternate fabric filter design with a filter media to improve release the product was recommended.

The client also experienced problems with their dense phase pneumatic transport system due to frequent plugging.  The root cause of the problem was identified and several ways to minimize the problem were recommended.

“Ken Shannon is an expert in his field bringing innovative, well thought-out solutions to the table.  This is why Ken has returned to our site multiple times, to solve collaboratively complex issues.  With his wide network he easily brings other heads into the discussions.  He works quickly and extremely well with upper management as well as the manufacturing line folks.”

Bart Crowell, Plant Manager – AB Mauri

W.R. Grace Co. needed an engineer to oversee the repair of their single-pass conveyor dryer. Ken was contracted by Aeroglide to perform the work.

While onsite he identified numerous problems with the dryer, the dryer system and problems impacting the performance of the dryer caused by upstream equipment.

In addition to overseeing the improvements to rectify the identified problems, Ken recommended an inspection and improvements to the upstream system.  As a result of the changes made by the client, the dryer responded well.

Ken Shannon, PE

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